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3D vase Vase #4. Floral piece with a removable, washable vase (32" x 42"). This beautiful original panel is the pick of the litter. This is the third panel of four created two years ago using an antique vase as the central image. The window was created by literally building it around the vase. The vase sits on a glass and agate (sliced geodes) base and is held in place by a copper band that hooks around its top. The grain and some of the leaves were sandblasted. The brass butterfly sit atop a bright piece of blue glass.

Vase #1 was created around an antique pulled pitcher with a yellow crackle base that transited into deep red around the spout. I had originally planned on cutting the pitcher up an making a 3-D flower out of it but it was to nice to cut up. So I came up with the idea of putting the whole pitcher within the panel.

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