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"Lure of the Fly"
Lure of the Fly

This 16 foot by 12 foot commission by the Orvis Co. of neighboring Manchester Village is my most impressive piece to date. (See "Media" for more info.) The four central panels measure 70" x 33" and are supported by internal, as well as, external reinforcing bars (most are hidden within, or on top of, existing lead lines). It took my assistant, Jill Clough, and myself nearly four months to complete.

The Brook Trout is mostly Uroboros and Lamberts glass with a little bit of Spectrum and Wismach. The water is Lamberts, Desag and Spectrum glass; the sky is Lamberts and Desag.

If ever in Southwest Vermont be sure to stop into the new Orvis Flagship Store and see in person this magnificent window. If you are approaching from the south my studio is just 5 miles south of the Village of Manchester (north of Batten Kill Canoe and south of Basketville on Vermont 7A).


fish detail
Detail of the fly luring the fish
  fish detail
Up close: the Vermont Native
Brook Trout in full breeding color.

When you arrive at Orvis be sure to see "Lure of the Fly"
from the ground level where you are looking up into
the sky and see the water come alive!!

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